How to buy fabric : 10 best types of fabric for dressmaking

2021-11-17 21:17 PROSPERE TEXTILE

There are so many types of fabrics available, it is very easy to feel lost in a textile showroom. Usually, it is the color and patterns that attract you first to a fabric. But that is only one element of the fabric.

The way the fabric will feel against your skin, how it will behave when sewing, how it will drape against your body – all these are as important to your fabric buying decision as its color and designs.

Fabrics which are generally classed as natural ( Cotton, Silk, Linen etc) and synthetic (Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon ) and a blend of both are all equally suitable for making clothes. But some fabrics are a little bit more preferred than others.

Woven fabric is best for making tailored clothes while knits are best for making form fitting clothes/active wear.

Check out the post on Textiles for more details on what are textiles, different types etc. as well as this post on the 20 questions to ask about a fabric’s quality. If you want to know the names of each different type of fabrics you can check out this post on Fabric names – a Glossary.

These fabrics can be further classified according to the way they are printed, embroidered, woven, dyed & stitched. You also have to consider the weight of the fabric.

If the weave is loosely woven you will have a see-through garment and also maybe a weak garment. You will have to consider buying lining for thin fabrics. Check out this post “what is lining” for details on the need for lining in clothes and the best fabrics for lining