2021-10-30 13:58 PROSPERE TEXTILE

Jiangsu prospere Textile Co., Ltd. has long been active and focused on the market sales of knitwear and textiles, synthetic fiber, household daily necessities, leather goods, luggage, leather goods, clothing and auxiliary materials; Direct sales and agents of various products and technical import and export trade business processes. The enterprise is located in Shengze, Jiangsu, the largest textile transit station in China. Close to Shanghai and Hangzhou, the location is excellent and the transportation is extremely convenient. Jiangsu bosbel Textile Co., Ltd. adheres to the standard of "customer first, honesty and trustworthiness above all, and people-oriented", and warmly welcomes companies / enterprises / organizations all over the world to establish long-term cooperative relations with the enterprise. Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, investigate and discuss business processes. Since its establishment, the enterprise has continuously absorbed and referred to the excellent core concepts of operation and management all over the world, and strive to create the company's business and management methods! The past year has been an exciting and rewarding year. On behalf of Jiangsu prospere Textile Co., Ltd., I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers and friends who used to apply and pay attention to you! Warmly welcome customers and friends to call and write for information. We will continue to provide you with excellent services.

Hello, this is Jiangsu prospere Textile Co., Ltd. / Jiangsu prospere textile factory.

Manufacturers wholesale all kinds of down jacket fabrics, windbreaker fabrics, ski clothing, outdoor functional fabrics, fashion women's simulated silk fabrics, home textile quilt covers, bed sheets, large format fabrics, etc.

Including all kinds of post carding, production and processing, coating, clothing printing, glass film calendering, embossing, bronzing, water cleaning, etc.

Manufacturers directly supply quality assurance. Friends in need are welcome to Lao Sheng 18762877773 (mobile wechat) email at any time