Prospere textile, founded in 2000, has long been committed to garment fabrics, outdoor fabrics, functional fabrics, women's clothing fabrics, fashion fabrics, home textile fabrics, luggage fabrics and so on.
Sales team: proactive, enthusiastic, satisfied and considerate service. More than 5 years working experience, understand various products. We focus on helping you create successful retail marketing and improve your product sales. Design team: floral design, artwork design, small packaging design, graphic design, simulation sample, excellent communication and coordination skills, project management and leadership skills, and product packaging design can meet the needs of different types of guests. We have professional laboratories: washing water, phenol yellowing, pH meter, sweat stain, seawater, dry and wet friction meter, oven, salt mist tester, laboratory water purifier and other equipment, which can meet the test requirements of high-quality customers.

We are always committed to providing excellent and innovative products and services to customers all over the world, and have always enjoyed a good reputation.
More than 80% of the existing products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as Germany, Poland, the United States, Russia, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and South Korea.
The company participates in more than 10 exhibitions at home and abroad every year, including Frankfurt, Canton Fair, China Fair, Intertextile home textile and clothing exhibition, etc.